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Vehicle and Boat Tracking

For the last twenty years of my live I have been interested in the subject of vehicle tracking. At the start we had to design our own systems and by 2005 had a couple of thousand units in use throughout mainly the emergency services. When I retired from the 'Rat Race' I kept the boat tracking side of the business and recently added vehicles So if you want a sensible priced system sold by someone who understands it, Click on the image and visit our website.

Promotional Projects

Because of all the video equipment I have owned over the years I have learnt a lot about producing promotional Videos, I am also at home with all forms of media including Web-page production. I also have many contacts who are specialist in their areas of Promotional Project. So if you want your business promoted in a cost effective way that gets results, or even if you just want your new Home, Workshop or Truck videoed, click on the image to find out more.